Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Dueling pistols 2022

Inspired by seeing a wall full of dueling pistols at House on the Rock recently, I made this dueling duality pistol set for confused truth seekers. One pistol is from a cut-down buffalo rifle replica previously made as a truth blaster. Barrel is filled with type metal from an old linotype machine, containing the memory of many news stories . The sight is a pen nib. Firing mechanism intact, but barrel blocked by excess of information/disinformation. Truth can't easily emerge. The other pistol is a cut-down antique musket from the days of the British Raj in India, brought back from Pakistan by my father in the late 50's. The sight is a Queen Elizabeth half penny. Firing mechanism incomplete, but barrel open and potentially a danger. Empty empire and old lies from simpler times. The background is I-ching pattern embossed flax paper. Truth through chance seems a viable option these days. Can be mounted with either pistol on top, depending on which reality seems ascendant.
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