Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



My project for the winter, as part of a metals studio class at Parkland community college. I sit out late at night and look at stars, and imagine a slice of pantheistically inhabited universe from the earth's core through me to infinity. I tried to use all my home tools and manageable metals processes as a learning and re- learning exercise. Gilded heaven ( God as light or quantum vacuum at top); metal stars and flame patina silver melts; sun and moon in etched brass and pewter with moon phases in zinc, forged steel spiral with bronze burned on; copper patina sampler sky with fractal electrical burned wood sky god; time-is-money copper town with sand-blasted windows , movable gears and glass covid ball; nature with patinas, enamels, powder coating epoxy in copper insect eyes; ocean with patinas and roller embossed patterns; upper lithosphere with fused and forged metals on copper discs, small pyrite sun; lower molten layer with melted metals; torch-burned copper hell with faces of the damned; inner void in ultra-black paint. Cherry frame. Sycamore dividers that also serve as frets for the single wire that sounds the music of the spheres. Finished on the equinox-- time now to move on with life as the world opens up.
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