Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Prayer wheel2021

My first outdoor sculpture, for the Great Artdoors project, sponsored by Champaign,40 north, Spurlock museum. Installed at Randolph Street community gardens, north Randolph just below Bradley and above Stratton school. Inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels that have prayers on rotating drums. Rotating a drum is an act of prayer. I want the public to write prayers in chalk, or on paper to put into the prayer box, and I encourage touching and interaction after a low-touch year. My sister died recently, and I could not attend a funeral, so having a memorial area with her picture helps with closure. There is space to write in names and attach pictures of lost ones. This is a community prayer site, a healing tower, a small axis mundi set in a community garden as a focus for renewal and hands-on social messaging. There is a Braille section for sight-impaired, and rotating blocks for kids to make messages or encode passwords . Solar lights at base for night lighting. Knee replacement in February made this a challenge to complete on time, but I am glad that I made the effort. Making something to withstand public use and weather was a new challenge, but I would be pleased if this gets used to destruction.
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