Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Looking glass

Seeking the light of a new dawn, this solstice “Looking glass� box about hope and fear helped me through the strange and dark year end. Hundreds of lenses, prisms, marbles, crystals and salvaged optics I have been collecting since youth, plus a gift from astronomy buff Mark Stowbridge. Soldered like stained glass in layers with metal tubes as supports and light channels. (My hands are healing from burns, cuts and chemicals, but worth it.) The rear module has a collage on Japanese paper that rotates on drums with LED back lighting, like a prayer wheel. Personally meaningful poems, hope songs I sing in my shop, verses of psalms 23 and 103, images, astronomy symbols (I sit out to watch stars every night), handmade papers with flower pigments and gunpowder burns. Light and dark, hope and fear, close and far, and illusion as viewed through an optical array which fragments and distorts perspective, much like America’s failure of common vision and reality perception. A theater show like early American “crankies�, a temple for Eos (goddess of light and dawn), a Zoroastrian altar with candle flames.
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