Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



An eyeglass-themed box, as I continue to mine my basement for ideas and materials. I have worn glasses since elementary school, and have an ambivalent relationship to them. They saved my eyes once from a chemical explosion, but also limited my range of physical activities. Glasses are about imperfect vision, but can themselves be damaged, lost, obsolete, fanciful. Left panel is some of my old glasses. Right panel is glasses I found on the street , mostly damaged . Central panel has wearable antique glasses. Top is giant glasses made from old bottle bottoms (probably from perspective-adjusting beverages.) Forged eye-form hinges. Eye test charts. Photograms of glasses and cast glass eye of Horus. Don't take vision for granted-- witness these strange times, try to see thru others eyes, look closely and see beauty around us even now, focus on what is important.
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