Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



A new cross-sectional panel, in the category of lots of shop time available at the moment. 10x14 inches of embedded material, which is four times the area of my usual panels. The golden spiral is more prominent at a distance, but is obscured by detail closer up-- like constellations on a really starry night. My background in pathology sensitized me to the beauty of the cross-section and the change in perceived pattern at varying magnification.( "Powers of 10" was my favorite book ever.) Irreducible fractal complexity is the stuff of reality.The golden spiral symbolizes growth and regeneration as an emergent property of complexity. Components are animal (bone, antler, rawhide,hoof), mineral (crystal,copper,bronze powder, pencil lead), vegetable (sticks,ivory nut, seed pods,bamboo,sycamore and sweetgum seeds,gourd,corn cob,walnut,etc). Materials are embedded in black epoxy.(last two pictures are process shots) All the stuff to grow the world. Good to remember now that life goes .
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