Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


telescope 2020

Reworked an older failed piece that incorporates a 10 inch telescope mirror that I ground at a Hindu monastery in Ganges Michigan under guidance of John Dobson (a very quirky former monk who developed an inexpensive style of homemade reflector telescope). The original cardboard tube telescope is long gone. I used the mirror to make a collapsible skeleton telescope that could also project a beam back into space, but it never worked very well. This new downsized box has the mirror to stare into, surrounded by forged zodiac symbols. Forged sun and moon hinges. Original box was made after the solar eclipse in 2017, so a black slider can obscure the sun on the inside cover.. Never be afraid to declare a piece of art a failure that can create an opportunity to make something better. If the corona virus keeps me at home, this will be a good altar for meditation and reflection..
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