Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Beverage box 2019

A new box form-- larger than I planned (2 feet across),and with a much longer gestation. Started as part of my circle project, then became another beverage-theme box with morror elements. The box opens to be a dyptych. One side is a mandala of symmetrically arranged circles of woven metal cut from beverage cans-- mostly carbonated water. Beautiful, but serenely unconcerned with issues of water shortage and waste. The outer box cover is a glacial meltwater pale blue, with crackle to suggest potential for drying out. The triangle is an alchemical sign : point up is fire, point down is water-- both in the news and closely related. The other side of the box is a more disorderly collection of bottle caps, lids , corks, and spouts; mostly from alcoholic beverages (not all consumed by me!). I know people struggling with alcohol, and the dark face of overconsumption and addiction is visible. Shiny elements in both side form a partial mirror placing us all in the picture. Projects reveal their own meaning as I work on them. Glad to have made this piece , but time for something cheerful for the holidays.
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