Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Finally finished my book/box about tea, a companion to one I did years ago about coffee, and corresponding with a shift from coffee to tea as I age. In an anti-global world, tea is a very east-meets-west symbol. I went to my first tea ceremony at Japan this year, and saw the power of tea for slowing down and being present. Buddhist lore says that tea came from the eyelids of the Buddha. Tea leaves can be read to see the future.The British colonized the east, but were taken over by tea, and had almost as much ceremony with their tea. Maybe less tea drinking is causing their current mess. The book pages are made entirely from old tea-bag labels with strings. (Can't remember when or why I started collecting these). The thick page at the end is cotton fiber with lots of loose tea. Old maps of Asia and Britain. Cut-off top of a metal tea cannister on the cover, containing a tea sachet to engage the senses, and clock to show that it is tea time somewhere. Removable fabric cover is a tea/book bag. The book compartment of the box has a copper liner, so that addition of hot water could yield a book infusion of drinkable tea (one time only, and taste not guaranteed). Over-sized tea spoon in the other compartment (my Texan father's "Texas Tea Spoon" for the oversweetened iced-tea I remember from the South.) Cherry case. Maybe overly complicated, but I had fun, and used up some art-junk.
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