Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


password box2017

Next layer in the safespace box, seeking self knowledge. This is about dealing with memories of family and life circumstance. I took apart a rusty old upright Underwood typewriter once used by my mother as a secretary. The keys are on turnable posts. Turning the correct posts in the right sequence operates rack-and-pinion style sliders, finally moving the retaining rod that will engage the base in the final layered structure to allow access to the next layer. The password includes my initials and 42 (my draft number and answer to "life, the universe , and everything" in Hitchhiker's Guide by Douglas Adams). The front is divided into upper maternal section, with typewriter faceplate as neckline, and a button from my mother's favorite art museum. Lower section has an old pipe tobacco can and military artefacts of my father's. Many hours fiddling with the mechanism gave me lots of time to reflect on the people and events that shaped my life. A good project for January.
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