Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Next entry in the medical book/box series. This hinged accordion box has faces and figures assembled from medical objects. My father studied tropical diseases and typhus fever (which I caught in his lab as a child). I did medical pathology. Objects are held in resin and include bones and teeth (animal only), tissue slides, old needles, vials of tissue stains, louse holder, gallstone, orthodontic cast, hearing aid, glasses, blood counting chamber, ticks, syringes, frozen section machine parts, taxidermy eyes. Paper signatures have related documents and object-identification maps. A strap holds the book together, but allows expansion of the accordion. This is my way of preserving/honoring/encapsulating/exorcising ghosts from this part of my life. I see faces everywhere (an example of pareidolia), so my assemblages often include them.
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