Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Medical books2017

A former colleague recently died, and I realized that I was the last of the group I starting working with here. This is a vanitas and tempis fugit themed book based on my medical career, first of a series. Structure allows adding more elements, then cinching it back together. Cover has carved caduceus insets. Handmade paper signatures have paper and cloth materials mounted. Metal plaques make one signature. Central case with objects is a cabinet of curiosity-- trinkets like old awards, things from time as medical officer , a bit of a bank window from the 1970 riot in Cambridge square. Flip book with copies of old credentials and awards-- long time in the making, but quick to scan now. St Jerome is patron saint of librarians, fitting for my retirement activities. Copy of "I Heard the Owl Call my Name", which I read just before a near fatal trip to Africa, x-rays ,and matchbook from Nairobi hotel where I recovered from the auto accident. The open binding structure allows adding more things as I find them, so this part of my life is both closed and still open.
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