Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Final cube

Final entry in cubic foot of art project?the cubic art survival pack. A project should end before the concept is past its sell-by date?like retiring before yourcolleagues start suggesting it behind your back. I learned a lot about the value of setting project parameters to work within and the value of working in series, explored some new techniques and materials, found excuses to buy some new tools, and kept in better touch with lots of art friends through the magic of social media. The final filled cube weighs about 50 pounds, so I made a back-pack carrier. I imagine this as art survival gear, or art proselytizer's kit, for venturing into a world of variable appreciation for the arts. This could be a Johnny Arty-seed distribution supply. The boxes are also the size of cubesat miniature satellites, so they are ready for launch. My wife says I will get more "likes" if I include a kitten, so I have posed with our newest cat.
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