Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Next entry in cubic foot of art project-- the tardis I found a string of Christmas lights at Barnes and Noble with a Dr Who theme--little 3" tardis boxes around the lights, with light coming out the windows.(tardis stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is the space and time travel ship in the British sci fi series Dr Who. The shape got stuck in the form of a 1960's London police call box-- according to Wikipedia) An important feature is that the tardis is much larger inside than on the outside, which seems a good metaphor for a book, as well. I installed an LED light in one of the boxes so that light can come out the windows. The everted book form is turned inside-out , with covers on the inside and pages on the outside. The wood has some little wormholes, suggesting that this book had a rough trip through a wormhole in space-time. On the outside is an image of the cover of HG Wells first edition of War of the Worlds, reversed in the wormhole? To fill out the boxes assemblage contents I made a possible futuristic/alien bionic communicator from a CD motor drive with a wolf taxidermy eye in the middle.The doctor may be watching.
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