Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


random walk

Next entry in the cubic foot of art project—The random walk. Because of icy roads and injury, I have not been walking as much recently. So I decided to do a simulated walk. The random walk is a mathematical description of a path generated by random choice, which is used in modelling things like movement of molecules and stock market fluctuations. I chose a one-dimensional walk, moving a black dot along a line on graph paper— left or right one step for each flip of a coin, and photographing each step on a roll of black and white film. I ended with six film strips of the walks, which can be viewed as short movies by pulling through a film viewer. I also contact printed the filmstrips and made a little flip book for each walk. Maybe an Oscar for best supporting black dot? At least a sense of movement in my life while I wait for better weather.
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