Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Prayer wall

Next entry in cubic foot of art project-- prayer wall book (3 inch square) I saw an image of prayer notes inserted in the Western wall in Jerusalem (these can even be emailed to someone who will place a note for you). There are hundreds of images of prayer walls on the internet-- old and new. The Romans also used walls to place curses--written on lead sheet, a heavy material with underworld association. This book covers are small mosaic stone walls-- light color on one side with prayers on one side, and black with lead curses on the other side (simple generic prayer and curses used here-- no one specifically named). An accordion -folded long hand-made sheet with a gradient of walnut dye color connects the covers. The hole through the papers allows a magnetic closure. The gradient shading, the magnet, and the plus/minus symbols are supposed to show that these covers are linked poles of intention. The walls are not pure black or white, and the magnet + and – signs are both black and white. Intentions are rarely purely good or evil. Leaving this dark time of year, I hope, and headed for the light. Stay warm.
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