Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Next entry in the cubic foot of art project--universal portable personal pop-up shrine, which can be customized to fit most needs. Stained glass rose window, with magnetically-oriented iron filings in the middle, and glow-in-dark FIMO labyrinth on the floor (inspired by seeing Chartres Cathedral last fall. Many medieval cathedrals had both the window and the labyrinth as key spiritual elements. Walking labyrinths have become popular recently as meditative and healing devices—I helped bring one to this town). Fused glass anti-evil eye talismans on opposite sides, like a Janus figure watching past and future (in Greece many houses have both a cross and this evil eye protection). Buddhas at four corners. Fourth side has a slot for interchangeable symbols on clear film. A candle in the middle provides inner illumination. (Full disclosure—I am a Unitarian, but all who come in peace are welcome at this shrine).
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