Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


osage orange

Another book/box in the cubic foot of art project. I serially sectioned and dried an osage orange (aka "hedge apple"). I love to see the cross section of things-- I did a lot of sectioning of tissues and organs as a pathologist. These are stacked and hung as a wearable piece, with a bundle of osage twigs at the bottom. This piece is held in an osage orange wood box, with an osage leaf pattern burned into the under surface of the lid. I was thinking of the seed as a book of information contained in the idea of the tree--like the platonic abstract ideal forms. Also, I remembered a wonderful set of botanical books I saw in Prague a couple of years ago, each made from the parts of a different type of tree (Xylotheka), I think it was called (there are some images on the web, though the lighting and display in the monastery library were terrible).
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