Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Another book for the cubic foot of art project--the book worm scroll girdle book. The scroll is segmented handmade bamboo paper, sewn and glued, to represent a pig tapeworm (taenia solium), with measuring tape at the front where the worm has smaller segments, and velcro closure to represent the attachment organs for holding on in the intestine. Words representing memes are written on each segment-- mind concepts on one side,and body (physical) concepts on the other side. This scroll is a worm book for a bookworm-- the book that gives ideas to the reader, but in turn draws its life from being read. The pig tapeworm can migrate in the body and form cysts in the brain (cysticercosis-- very bad, so cook your pork. This is mainly a problem where pigs and people live close together with poor hygiene-- southeast asia, latin america. Bamboo paper seemed appropriate). The container is a girdle book (like monk's would have worn hanging from their belt), which is conceptually an animal with leather exterior (ectoderm), cardboard tube middle (mesoderm) , and some dried pig gut (sausage casing) as an inner liner (endoderm). The worm book lies inside the gut. The knob at the top (to loop under the belt) is copper in the pattern of the tapeworm head. This hangs near the wearer's netherparts, which seemed appropriate. This all folds into one of the small 4 inch cube boxes. Sorry for the medical lecture, but I did run a medical lab for a long time.
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