Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Next entry in the cubic foot of art project-- Just for the joy of playing with materials. I was thinking of an anthropological museum in the future which has a collection of books from a post-apocalyptic period when isolated groups had access to limited ranges of materials: Animal-- possibly a pastoral group in an arid climate. Leather cover, rawhide strips sewing and bone closure, dried gut pages (pig gut left over from an experiment in sausage making) Mineral-- possibly from a group of miners who retreated underground, like Tolkien's dwarfs . Covers are slices of brick from my house. Brass and steel binding. Mica pages. Copper mesh endsheets. Vegetable-- possibly from a prairie group with access to corn and grass fibers, but short on wood so that any recycled remnants would be used. Covers are burned oak scraps lashed together with linen thread. (Julia Miller had a book like this as a reproduction of an ancient book from a desert place). Corn fiber paper, bound with linen thread. Synthetic--possibly from a group which survived in the debris from lost cities. Covers are fragments of computer mother board in resin. Inside surfaces are coated with wax to allow use as a wax writing tablet (commonly used in ancient world before paper).This example may have been used as a school tablet to practice writing, which has reverted to cursive. Tyvek anti-scratch wrapper. Four books completely fill one box (a miniature world) with the four categories of material in our world.
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