Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


pinhole camera

Next entry in the cubic foot of art project-- my solstice piece. This is a pinhole camera made from an outdated photoshop manual. I cut up the manual, glued pieces into a stack, cut the stack with a bandsaw, then reassembled to make a 3 inch cube with a pyramidal cavity inside. The top was sanded flat, which left a mokume-like layering of text and image. A copper pinhole is at the apex of the internal pyramid. Aluminum and plywood framing. A piece of steel from an old transformer core is the film holder (film is represented here by a piece of the original book cover). Barcode from the book is on the back (this being a commercial time of year.) I would rather recycle an old book as art than just trash it. This could be what a future post-climate-change-collapse society reverts to for photography. A digital pinhole? I think about light this time of year. If Einstein is right, then at the speed of light there is infinite compression of time-- with past, present, future all the same. So maybe an all-knowing God really is light. Have a good holiday.
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