Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Next entry in the cubic foot of art project—street art photo quilt. I walk a lot, and for years I carried a small camera with black and white film and amused myself by taking thousands of pictures of patterns on the ground. (I like film images because they last for decades with no maintenance, which suits my sporadic art-making). I found some old black and white photolinen in the bottom of my freezer, printed a selection of street patterns in the darkroom, and sewed them together into a quilt (airing dirty linen?). This fits together with a box of found objects (like damaged keys and salt-patinated coins saved from a hard life on the street). The quilt is map-folded as one map of my life over decades. Look closely at the world, for “The kingdom of god is spread before us, and men do not see it” ( Gospel of Thomas; and in Joseph Campbell’s books on mythology).
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