Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist



Next entry in the cubic foot of art project—a library of the ages. I volunteer at the U of Illinois library conservation lab, so I meet people who think a lot about the preservation and conservation of information-repositories. Modern books and electronics are not very physically durable, so archaeologists of the future may find nothing more recent than medieval leather and vellum books left to interpret. But overprotected information becomes inaccessible and useless; and nothing lasts forever, anyway. This final box is a library of the ages of writing -- rock art, graffiti, papyrus scroll, clay cuneiform tablet, wooden rune sticks, medieval chained leather-bound book, Japanese side-stab booklet, digital composite device—in a fenced enclosure which is both protective and constricting. Each has symbols or words for “Truth and Beauty”, because I hope that these ideas are eternal, even if this project is not.
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