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New Year 2013

Posted on January 12, 2013 at 1:55 AM

Survived lots of relatives, singing with the choir, contra-dancing.

I decided to become more electronic-- joined facebook and got a smart phone.  Don't want to left behind as an aging luddite.

I finished one box-- I got the idea on the way back from Europe in September-- long plane trips put me in a state of suspended animation where thoughts at the edge suddenly come into focus unbidden. 

Here is what I posted on Facebook :


I just finished a new box-- it was inspired by a book on alchemical illustrations that I have liked for a long time. This is part of a series of boxes which incorporate a book, with assemblage components related to the book around it-- essentially a very elaborate cover/container for a book. This one repurposes an older case I made with hand-forged and bronze covered hinges. Inside are various alchemical and astrological symbols-- including samples of mercury and sulfur, which were the basis of the alchemical theory of transmutation of substances-- hopefully leading to gold (here represented by fools gold in chunk and pyrite-sun form). Lead musket balls are another base metal to transform.

A glass egg represents the philosophers stone. The alchemist is represented by facial components of ceramic and natural material, including one of Barbara Meyer's devil pods. Forge-welded steel symbols on the side panels. The left side has a working still, with an old brass alcohol lamp as power. I just tried it, and it works! I am becoming more interested in making things which do something. Would be interested to know what you think.

Also-- the hinged panel in the lower right is forged-textured steel with bronze melted and partially burned to reveal some purer copper, melted solder on top with grinder texturing, then patina.  I made this years ago, but now found a home for it.  It seemed to fit the theme of alchemical transformation.  I did a big cleanup of my space in November-December, and found lots of things I had forgotten about.  Recent health scares have made me realize that it is time to start using up special objects I have been accumulating and saving for the right purpose.  Time is no longer open-ended.

Photos in the gallery.


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